The Abandon Project | Meet Trey

Meet Trey

“You do what you have to do” is a statement that we hear a lot from the kids at The Abandon Project.  Most of the time this statement has to do with money or drugs, but when I heard Trey say this it was about something completely different.

Trey has wisdom far beyond his young age of 15. His father left his family when Trey was just a little boy, leaving him at home with his mother and two sisters. Being the only man in the family, Trey feels like he has to pick up his fathers slack and take on the responsibility to take care and provide for his family.  His father only makes an appearance every couple of months and every time he does it sends Trey’s mother into a deep place of hurt. Trey said it hurts him so much to see her this way and that he has seen his mom go through so much that he feels like he has to take care of her, but he never complains because he does it out of a sweet place of love.

I asked Trey if he was angry that his dad put him in a position to be the man of the family at such a young age, and Trey responded with “you do what you have to do.”  Most men want to be just like their fathers, but Trey said that through his father’s mistakes he has learned what kind of father he doesn’t want to be.

Trey plays on East Mecklenburg High School’s varsity football team and is a star player. He works hard in school and aspires to play football at Clemson University. He said with a big smile and many laughs “don’t worry, don’t worry I have a back up plan.” Trey’s back up plan is becoming a lawyer because he says with two sisters he has become good at arguing.

Trey is one amazing man at such a young age.  He strives to take care of his family, and most of all show an unending amount of love to them. Trey has so many dreams, and The Abandon Project serves to push him towards those dreams.  That’s why we exist… to help young men and women like Trey peruse their dreams. To tell them that we are proud of them, that they are worthy of being successful and doing incredible things. All of these children are children of God, and if there is anything we have been learning at The Abandon Project, is no matter where we have been, or how we have grown up, God has created all of us for a purpose, and His purpose always lives inside of us no matter what we have done.

Let’s pray together that Trey learns that he doesn’t have to carry the burden of his family on his own, Jesus is there to take his pain.  Jesus is there to love his family for him. Let’s pray that Trey is blessed with everything he needs to pursue his dreams, things that he could have never achieved without Jesus.