The Abandon Project | Meet KD

Meet KD

What a special man KD is at only 15 years of age and a sophomore at East Mecklenburg High School.  KD always has a smile on his face when he comes to The Abandon Project, and is always the first to ask everyone how they are and how their week as been.  I have always wondered how KD grew up because this kind of personality is a rarity here at The Abandon Project. I quickly found out that KD is a leader. He has drive that so many of us don’t. But after hearing his story, you know this is only possible because Jesus has protected KD from so many things.

KD grew up in south Florida with his mother and two older brothers.  KD said that he doesn’t remember his dad, or ever even meeting his dad because he left his family when KD was just a baby. KD doesn’t have any contact with his father but he says that it doesn’t really affect him because it has been like this his whole life. KD grew up in the ghetto, he says, for all of his childhood.  He says he was exposed to drugs, sex, and many criminals since he was a child.  His family grew up in a trailer and the only income coming in was from his two older brothers who sold drugs in his home.  I asked KD if he ever had to do this, he looked at me and smiled and said no.  KD told us that his brothers would always protect KD from this lifestyle because they didn’t want KD to have to participate in their “business.”  KD doesn’t ever look down on his brothers for doing this because this was the only way they could survive he says, but he is very grateful that he was spared from this lifestyle because his brothers protected him.

KD’s family moved to Charlotte when KD was in the 7th grade. By this time his brothers had already moved out of the home and have had multiple kids. He says he looks up to his brothers, but this isn’t the lifestyle he wants. Like I said before, KD has drive, he has dreams and goals.  Many of the kids that come to The Abandon Project have dreams, but KD is rare.  KD is actually making his own steps, with his own motivation, to reach his goal.  He says he never wanted to dabble in drugs or crime because he knows that this could stop him from reaching his goals and hurt his chance of having a different future than his older brothers and many of his friends.

KD is a wonderful basketball player, and the definition of a team player… in every aspect of his life. He wants to go to college for basketball but quickly told us that if that doesn’t happen he is still working hard in school to get an academic scholarship.  He says he is taking honors classes this year and already plans on taking AP classes his junior and senior year of high school.

I was so inspired by this young man.  He is one of a kind, and so special. Not many of us have the drive that he has, even through everything he has been through and seen.  Jesus has protected KD from so many things, and he notices that.  He says that The Abandon Project is the perfect place for him to get away from all of the things in this world that could stop him from reaching his dreams, and allows him to really set his sights on the Lord and remember his purpose.  That’s our goal here at The Abandon Project, to be a safe place for kids to come and learn about our wonderful savior.  Our Dad, who not only loves us, but also protects his sons and daughters.  Let’s pray that Jesus continues to protect KD and that KD continues to walk in his destiny, and things he never could have imagined happening in his future happen because of our loving and protecting father.