The Abandon Project | Who we are

Who we are

Often times identity doesn’t come easy, I find that true for individuals and I’ve found it’s something that businesses evolve into over time.  When you serve a community like we do, it takes time to get to know the community, learn the people, and find out what their dreams are.

We didn’t come in to this community with a plan, or a method, we simply came to love the community and learn how to cultivate a healthy community. After 5 years of holding weekly programs for the kids, doing community outreach, and getting to know the families….we now know who we are.

Our Mission: Together with the people of Charlotte, we strive to live great stories with our lives and cultivate healthy neighborhoods that we can be proud of.

Sometime in the past month a light went off, and I kept hearing this, “If it takes a village to raise a child, then get the village healthy.” It occurred to me that we have never been a ministry that drives into a neighborhood just to stay in our cars.  That we ARE a ministry that has become one with the neighborhoods we serve.  There were times where I didn’t know what the specific purpose of The Abandon Project was, but now I know. For the past 5 years we have built consistent relationships with communities and their beautiful residents so that TOGETHER we could cultivate healthy neighborhoods where residents can grow, advance, and experience true community.  We don’t want to just come pick the kids up on Wednesday or Saturday, and take them out of the neighborhood, we want to see transformation IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

Just so you can understand what my city is up against, Charlotte is the worst city in the nation for upward mobility, meaning only 4% of people that grow up in poverty will ever escape it.  How sickening is that?  We declare, enough is enough.

At the Abandon Project we emphathize with the people in our city, who statistically are deemed to live a life of cycles and struggles, and together we strive to come out of this cycle.

We have identified 3 major problems that we plan to solve

#1 If a kid doesn’t learn to read by 2nd grade, statistically they will spend the rest of their academic lives playing “catch up”.  So we will launch tutoring programs in each of our neighborhoods for young kids, and we will teach job skills to the older kids who are deemed as behind and uneducated.

#2 We will teach work ethic to the kids in our communities, to show them that hard work is worthy of good rewards.  We will execute neighborhood clean ups, we will partner with local neighborhoods and businesses to help execute this plan.  AND, The program will be led by parents in our communities.

#3 We will launch a healthy/wholeness initiative in each of our communities to educate the people about food, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.  This will be lead by a certified nutritionist.  We will have regular cooking classes, a community garden that is tended to by the people, and boot camps that exits to build community among the residents.

At The Abandon Project, we are the people we serve, and together we exist to live great stories and cultivate healthy neighborhoods that we can be proud of.