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We dream of our kids walking across the stage for their middle and high school graduations, we dream of our kids being able to trade their anger for peace, and their pain for love.

East Charlotte Community

The essential tools to build a healthy community are consistency and practical investments. We have a dream of building a local community center where children can be tutored, participate in productive activities, and we can hold various workshops for the local community, such as parenting classes.

The impact of a community center could include the ability to teach the East Charlotte community positive habits, inspire them to follow their dreams, work towards higher education, and realize their worth in a positive environment.  Not only can we inspire our youth, but we can also provide jobs for our local community. Whether it’s teaching classes, managing basketball and sports programming, or being apart of the maintenance team.

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We believe that together we can make a huge difference in the community.
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Why A Community Center?

Community Store

In the community center, we also have a dream of establishing a local consignment store where we can assist the poor in practical ways, help single-parent households, and provide an opportunity for our city to donate unused items to a good cause, all while striving to maintain the dignity of the people.

Community Engagement

Community centers can be the catalyst for change in underserved communities. The East Charlotte community has limited access to resources and facilities. A community center could provide a space to have leadership training, continuing education, and events that bring about change.

Create Jobs

Increasing economic opportunity is a key component to ensuring economic mobility. We can support economic mobility by providing job training and creating jobs within the community. Whether it’s teaching classes in the community center, organizing team sports, or assisting with the maintenance of the community center.


We think, too often, community buildings are perceived to be inaccessible, which can make an organization’s efforts challenging when making an impact on a community.  Our organization has an advantage because instead of establishing a building first and then pursuing the community, we have spent years investing in the community and earning their trust. We want to continue to actively pursue the beautiful people of East Charlotte. A community center will help enable us to assist the community more effectively.

Without the assistance of community-minded individuals just like you, we wouldn’t be able to serve those in our community each year. Your generosity will make a difference in our community by allowing us to continue in our work.